Market Research & Custom Reports

Real estate professionals choose us for reports because we offer rapid turnaround times for accurate, insightful reports at cost-effective prices.
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Helping agents, investors, and developers monitor the real estate market.

What We Offer

By utilizing technology and automation, we provide a cost-effective solution to agents and other industry professionals for real estate market reports. Our data department consists of industry experts with decades of experience, making our reports the most accurate across the industry.


Our public reports, social assets, and updates with your logo and contact details.


/month per market
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Everything from Basic, along with hosting and analytics, as well as your fonts and colors.


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Everything from Intermediate, along with custom report templates and designs.


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Everything from Advanced, as well as market exclusivity and added customization.


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Market Research & Custom Reports

Our proprietary data platform aides our experienced research team in analyzing real estate markets accurately and efficiently. We provide this service to agents, teams, brokerages, investors, and other real estate professionals. Whether you simply need the stats, or a custom-designed report, we can .

Need a solution for your whole brokerage or business entity? Want to improve and reduce costs within your data department? No problem. We offer custom designs, in-depth analysis, and data management depending on your goals.

Custom Pricing

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Need a solution for your whole brokerage or business entity? Want to improve and reduce costs within your data department? No problem. We offer custom designs, in-depth analysis, and data management depending on your goals.

Custom Pricing

Billed Annually
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What We Provide

Our platform and toolset makes it easy to generate reports for any market in the world. Using modern technology, we can customize research and reports to meet any requirements you have.

Ultra-Fast Turnaround

Guaranteed Accuracy

Insightful Stats, Trends, & Analysis


Rapid Data Acquisition

Unlimited Customization


How quickly can you send us reports?

Established reports are delivered within 12 hours after the final coverage date. For example, a monthly report for all of January would be delivered on February 1st. New reports that need design services and review are dependent on the complexity of the report.

How accurate are your reports?

Using our proprietary technology platform, all stats and graphs in our reports are automated calculations. This eliminates the potential for typos, copying problems, and other common "build" issues. Our research team reviews all data used for these calculations, following heavy clean-up from our software system.

Where does the data come from?

Depending on the market, we source data from multiple MLS platforms, assessor data, industry websites, and much more. We use data fusion techniques to merge these sources together, giving us the most comprehensive database in the industry. Our system uses proprietary algorithms to de-duplicate and fix errors found in the source data, and our team of research analysts is constantly reviewing and resolving issues.

What do you charge for research and custom reports?

Our technology platform helps us keep costs significantly lower than other services and even an in-house research team. Depending on the coverage and complexity of your report, prices typically range from $250 to $5,000 per report.

Can you provide write-ups?

Yes, but depending on the complexity and requirements, these may be an additional charge. We keep track of multiple aspects of each market, historic trends, and also the specifics of the current economy, all of which will be considered for your write-ups.

Can you create reports for a specific audience?

Yes. If you have a certain target market or purpose for a report, we can custom-tailor the stats, trends, and write-ups to make your research and reports more appealing to that audience. This could be for an investor presentation, or for sharing on social media -- we are familiar with a variety of use cases.

What about marketing and re-targeting options?

Our system produces a webpage version of your report that can be utilized instead of a PDF. This version can have any tools and plugins included that you would like, such as social pixels, Google Analytics, and other marketing utilities.

Can you provide social assets for sharing?

Yes. We can automatically create social assets for you to use for distributing your reports on the various social media platforms.

Benefits of using our research & reporting services

Reduced Costs & Overhead

Our technology and research team provide unparalleled accuracy and quality. A comparable in-house team would require multiple researchers, software engineers, designers, and more.

Incredible Accuracy & Confidence

The process we use for creating reports results in an extremely accurate and reliable end product. When you distribute them, you can feel confident the stats and trends reflect true market conditions.

Grow Your Market Knowledge

Learn more about the market through the lens of our experienced research team. We look for trends and market behavior that isn't obvious, and work to provide realistic forecasting based on economic factors and conditions.

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