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Fill out our easy online form with the property details and we do the rest. We provide you with a listing description based on the most successful sales in your market.

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How It Works

A user-friendly form for information you already have.

Fill Out Our Online Form

This step-by-step process asks a series of questions to gather information about the property. It's all info you should already have for a property, so don't worry, it won't take any added time.

Submit Your Contact Details

In order to send you the description of your property, we need your contact details, specifically an email address. We don't solicit your information to 3rd parties and we won't send you any messages you request not to receive.

Check Your Email

In short order, you'll get an email from us with your listing description. The actual process only takes a few seconds, but email can take a little time for delivery, so check back if you don't see it right away. If it's been longer than that, contact support and we'll investigate immediately.

Our Process

Your property receives specific processing based on its features.

Market Segment Identification

Once you submit, we determine the market segment of your property based on location, price, size, and property type. Properties from our comprehensive database are then assessed to find comparables that recently sold.

Customized AI Models

Next, we feed in the comparables and information you provided to a finely-tuned AI model that has been trained on our entire database. This step is what actually builds the property description for you.

Manual Review & Validation

Even after we've delivered your property description, we aren't done yet. Each day we manually review what was submitted and generated across our system. We make tweaks and feed it back to our database and AI model to ensure our platform is constantly improving.

Features & Benefits

Quick, high-quality descriptions while simultaneously reducing your time investment.

Save Time & Costs

Let's face it, writing property descriptions is tedious and boring. The time you spend writing should be spent doing what you do best - working with clients. Our tool takes the details and creates the most effective description for your listing in seconds at an incredibly low cost.

Data-Driven Results

We collect data across the United States and utilize it to power our tools. Once you submit the form, our system takes the information you provided and identifies the best-performing sales in your listing's market segment. The description you receive is tailored based on that analysis.

Easy-To-Use Software

Our goal is to make our tools easy to use and beneficial for real estate professionals. To generate a listing description, all you have to do is fill out a simple form with information about the property. We handle the rest and email the results directly to you.

Completely Customizable

While we aim for perfection, we understand that each property is unique and requires your experienced eye to market properly. Our system provides what we like to call a "second draft". Since it's just text, you can easily make changes and add your expertise to the listing. We're the framers -- you're the finish carpenter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes to the description?

Definitely! We send you the generated text and you can make any edits you'd like. In fact, we encourage it! The goal of our product is to reduce you and your staff's workload. You're the expert and know what your clients expect better than anyone.

How many features and details do I need to provide?

Our user-friendly form asks for the basic info by default (beds, baths, square footage, property type, etc), and then provides an open-ended field for you to enter as many features and details as you would like. The more information you provide tends to be better, but you should avoid unnecessary details and focus on property highlights.

Does anyone know if I used the service?

We do not sell your information, inform your client(s), or publicly disclose who uses our service. Our system writes descriptions that look and sound like a real estate agent wrote them, and has been trained on real estate data.

Do I have any control over what text is generated?

Absolutely! While the system does a lot of the work, you can still include your own creativity to influence it. For example, "hardwood floors" vs. "exquisite oak floors throughout" in the features/details section. The system uses what you write to direct the overall tone and feel of the property description, so the more specific you are, the better results are.

I have a lot of properties to generate descriptions for. Are there any bulk discounts?

Please email to discuss volume pricing.

Can't I just have my staff do this?

Certainly, and they will do an excellent job! The reason to use our Description Builder software is to generate a description for your property/listing based on its market segment in a significantly shorter amount of time. It helps you and your staff work more efficiently and move on to things that require your active involvement and industry expertise.

Where does this information come from?

We actively gather data from various MLS around the country and market-specific websites. This data is fed into our system to train it. Using the details you provide, we find comparables which performed well (e.g. sold quickly, limited discount, etc) and use them as guidelines for your property's description.

I have a property that doesn't work with your form. What can I do?

Email and we can quickly work to provide functionality for you.

Benefits of using our research & reporting services

Reduced Costs & Overhead

Our technology and research team provide unparalleled accuracy and quality. A comparable in-house team would require multiple researchers, software engineers, designers, and more.

Incredible Accuracy & Confidence

The process we use for creating reports results in an extremely accurate and reliable end product. When you distribute them, you can feel confident the stats and trends reflect true market conditions.

Grow Your Market Knowledge

Learn more about the market through the lens of our experienced research team. We look for trends and market behavior that isn't obvious, and work to provide realistic forecasting based on economic factors and conditions.

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